The COO of NYC’s Executive Video, part of the JSDC, LLC Portfolio of companies, had me update the homepage, specifically the top conference box (and top banner), the featured video, and a few links and PDFs. He also had me add the scroller containing his current clients’ logos and make a few changes to a couple inner pages. I had one of my graphic designer/artistic director colleagues make the changes to the conference box, since the original PSD files for that portion of www.execvid.com were not available. Then I made the necessary adjustments to the CSS so that the overlapping images (with links) continued to align properly.

The job was somewhat involved — tricky — since the previous developer had hard-coded most of the homepage content in files that were not readily evident. I had to use FTP to manually search multiple files and folders for the ones that had the HTML code that needed changing. The site’s backbone is written in PHP, and normally the content would update dynamically from input at the CMS dashboard/controls, but like I said, the previous developer ignored the dynamic PHP and instead hard-coded homepage HTML in what functionally amounted to “hidden” files that were not evident/visible in execvid.com’s online backend dashboard/control panel.

Also, the site uses multiple CSS files, which means I had to search through a few of those files for the CSS styles that needed changing.

Note: They are no longer using the WordPress theme I customized for them.