Mobile Friendly Tweaks and Modifications


I can easily modify the CSS and HTML on your current web site so that it becomes mobile friendly and passes Google’s (and Googlebot’s) new mobile friendly web test. You often do not need an expensive redesign, just a few easy modifications to your site’s code.

Your web site will then be compatible with phones and tablets and your site will rank higher in Google’s mobile search results.

Please contact me for more information: Contact Me

Gallery of Designs


I have worked with computers and programming languages for decades and began designing, developing, installing, customizing, and maintaining websites (including WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, Cargo Collective and Tumblr sites) back in 2000. I get websites up and running quickly: that includes 1) building, editing and customizing themes and templates (CSS, HTML, PHP, Responsive Bootstrap . . . headers, footers, sidebars, pages, posts . . . and lots more . . .),

2) researching and installing plugins (contact forms, lightboxes, and slide shows, for example),

3) writing and formatting unique content,

4) adding photos, graphics, illustrations, videos, and embedded PDFs, and

5) providing tutorials, advice and lessons via email, chat, and SMS/texting.

You’ll find part of my design portfolio on the front page and via the navigation menu.

$100 Responsive Landing Pages


I can create a custom responsive landing page that will look great on all phones, tablets, and computers for $100. The custom page will be mobile friendly. Here is an example of a CAPTCHA-secured responsive landing page that collects email, business and demographic information:

I can also tweak your current web site’s design and layout so that your site becomes mobile friendly and passes Google’s mobile friendly test. Your web site will then receive Google’s “mobile friendly” stamp of approval in the Google search results, beating out competitors who have not upgraded or tweaked their sites to Google’s mobile friendly specifications. Contact Me