The owners of www.nyenergyexperts.com (which later went offline in March 2015) asked me to customize and modify their website template and install and format their written content and imagery, including an embedded video and an embedded .pdf document.

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I helped customize www.postcardsfromtheholyland.com. Mr. Aizenberg said that he had tried two or three developers before he found me and that they had been unable to write the code necessary for the customizations he wanted for his WordPress theme.

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www.baggiez.com: A client emailed me a menu in .doc format, which I then converted to HTML. Then I modified the formatting and added the photos. Update: The site is now offline. Perhaps she quit catering.

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The Los Angeles Yard-sale Company

Susan hired me to make major modifications and customizations to her WordPress theme. I added plugins, images, and custom HTML, PHP and CSS styles. Note: They have now changed their name to Los Angeles Resale and they are no longer using the WordPress theme I customized for them. Perhaps they archived my theme/layout for the […]

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The COO of NYC’s Executive Video, part of the JSDC, LLC Portfolio of companies, had me update the homepage, specifically the top conference box (and top banner), the featured video, and a few links and PDFs. He also had me add the scroller containing his current clients’ logos and make a few changes to a […]

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